In Montreal

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I am in Montreal… The weather has been so amazing since the day I arrived… blue skies, warm sun, cool breeze…  the sweet aroma of autumn is  everywhere as the air is crisp and the leaves are changing colour.  It is beautiful here! I love hearing the French language all around me…   this city is…

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I am so excited about my upcoming concert in Montreal on Sunday, October 7th! This concert is being organized by the Armenian Medical Association of Quebec (AMAQ) as a benefit to help raise funds for the series of mobile medical and dental clinics that the AMAQ established in Karabagh – Mardakert, Hadrout, Shoushi, and Ghapan….

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Jazz with Wynton Marsalis

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I first fell in love with jazz music in Armenia. It was during my first visit.  My volunteer coordinator’s supervisor was a jazz lover, and he would take us all to restaurants or the one main hotel’s cafe (this was before all the hotels and cafes began to spring up everywhere) where some amazing music was…

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What an amazing summer we’ve had! I spent the summer in East Tennessee where my husband was working; who would have thought that this Canadian girl, born and raised on the West Coast would ever end up in the South! I had the opportunity to learn more about southern culture and meet some wonderful people in the process:  people…

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I miss home today. I miss the sweet aroma of the warm wind mixed with the morning sun  pouring into my bedroom window early on a Summer’s day… I miss driving down to the Okanagan with my family and spending time at the lake and picking cherries and peaches and driving back home with a…

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